Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I have a sister,teacher.

19 April 1992
my dearest sister was born to this awesome world
and now,
she had grown as a very suoerduper sister to her 3 younger sister and brothers

even I can't celebrate the day with them because I was staying at hostel,
but I've blowed them with a kiss of lotsa love.

me and my sister :)


farhan asyraf said...

hepy birthday kakak kepada angkasa :D

Syarifah Nadiah said...

happy birthday kak hani !
duadua comeiii whee

angkasa said...

to farhan:
aip thanks!

angkasa said...

to nadia:
haha mn ada
eh thanks tau!

sheera said...

sweeeeet :)

atok said...

sape yg lahir bulan april best2
cam atok haha

Aqmar Ismail said...

comel je blog ni :D keep blogging!

angkasa said...

to sheera:
thanks uit

angkasa said...

to atok:
aceh nk jugak dia
hee ;D

angkasa said...

to aqmar:
aha thanks!
u too k

fatin hanani said...

sowy kak fatin telambt la
tlg ucapkan happy belated besdy ehh kat kak agkasa hehe

angkasa said...

owh alala its oke lah kak aten
btw thanks tau!