Monday, November 18, 2013

The 21st Anniversary Hai-O Marketing

Venue: Marriott Putrajaya & MIECC

Date: 9 November 2013

CDM Shaliza Aziz and her husband, En. Ridhuan :)
She is the founder of The Diamond Circles(TDC) in Green Leaders Academy Malaysia (GLAM).

Pada majlis ulangtahun ke21 ini, CDM Shaliza Aziz telah naik pentas menerima pangkat tertinggi dalam syarikat iaitu Crown Diamond Manager. Harapnya belum terlambat lagi utk ucapkan tahniah kpd CDM Shaliza Aziz. I hope one day I can be like you. Beliau adalah bekas seorang engineer dan sekarang sebagai fully GLAMpreneur, menerima CDM dalam masa 1 tahun setengah sahaja! Of course there's no shortcut to get success but with teamwork, all of that is NOT IMPOSSIBLE. Because "Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success". =)

My company now, Hai-O Marketing SDN. BHD.
Semua yg atas pentas ni adalah members of GLAM yg dah berjaya. Kita sebagai anak didik, just duplicate jer cara diorang berjaya step by step. InsyaAllah menjadi!
Gotta work hard for my money freedom! Weee! :)

 The CDMs on the stage yo! Spot CDM Shaliza Aziz and her husband :)

Gambar seterusnya hana ambil daripada my mentor, Kak Airin Diana =)

Part 1 started off with celebrating 3 of the Crown Diamond Manager (the highest level) from Glampreneurs.
In total, 6 of CDM were from Glam. New CDM in 2013.
A great achievement!

Then we had fun during Misha Omar presentation. All glampreneurs were already prepared in front of the stage because right after misha omar finished her songs, we were about to escort our CDM Maisarah Ibrahim to give speech.

So there we were, hanging in front of the stage. dah macam groupie plak. enjoying misha omar's songs.
It was fun, it was exciting. Betul-betul standing in front of Misha, she was petite and very pretty.
Scary plak when at one moment she was pointing straight at me. agaknya because i was taller than anybody else kat situ, memang confirm nampak. lol! perasan!
Oh her voice, SUPERB!!!

Me with lovely Shaliza Aziz aka Ieja. The biggest celebration in her life, part of her successful journey in business.
Me? will be next. insyaAllah

Yes, i am blessed to have business partners like these guys, and gurls.
All of them are very positive people.
Thanks all!!! 

Can you spot me? We had sooo much fun on the stage. After more than a month practice the Goyang Duyu dance to escort CDM Maisarah, we finally did it very well.
Thanks to CDM Razali Zain for making it alive!!
Sooo gonna miss the fun of it.
Why this Goyang Duyu song? If you read through the lyrics, yes it is all about friendship.
"Jika Hatimu terluka karena sesuatu,
Jika kau mencari cara tuk obati dirimu
Marilah kawanku, marilah bersamaku
Biarkanlah laguku coba menghibur dirimu"
Check out the lyrics HERE

Us, Pink Diamonds of The Diamond Circle with our CDM Shaliza Aziz.

(p/s : How I wish I could be with them in the picture.. Soon insyaAllah! )

And this is me taking picture in front of the celebrated CDM Shaliza Aziz. soo proud!!

Ieja's team, The Diamond Circle. My business partners were three on her right and left. duduk dekat, aura lagi sampai ;)

The excited Diamond Circle! 

Out of these CDMs celebrated, 6 of it are from GLAM.
Just imagine, in 1 year our Hanis Haizi managed to lahirkan 6 of the highest ranking, with at least RM2 millions sales each.

CDM Shaliza Aziz on the stage yaw! 

My mentor, DSM Airin Diana :)

Right after the event, we went outside to witness our dream car and the new launched of Engine Oil JTX 1000 Gold. 

Kak Airin's husband was interviewed to congratulate CDM ieja on her highest achievement. 

There will be a moment during the business i felt like giving up, when everybody around me says enuff, when the rain and storm are coming, but when i think over the people i loved, my husband, my two daughters, my mom, my dad and their sacrifice throughout my journey, i paused for a while and rethink over and decided and very determined to fulfill my dreams, to fulfill their dreams.
and Alhamdulillah, i make a right decision.
InsyaAllah, God will always be there for me, with the prayers from the loved ones.

And with guidance from these two lovely persons, Ieja and his husband, insyaAllah, we will work closely as in a team and soon succeed!

My beautiful mentor, DSM Airin Diana. 

Hana boleh kenal dgn beliau waktu tu hana tgh mencari2 dropship agent dekat google. Dan terjumpa kak airin punya blog. Terus whatsapp dan mula dgn kak airin. Alhamdulillah jodoh kami agaknya. Hee Kami tak pernah berjumpa, hanya contact melalui whatsapp saja. Senang kan dunia di hujung jari ja sekarang. Dan jelaslah jarak bukan penghalang utk sesebuah kejayaan. Kak airin sentiasa ada utk support hana since dari hana sebelum daftar dgn beliau lagi. Dan sampai sekarang, bila hana rasa down, kak airin sentiasa ada utk bangunkan hana balik dgn kata2 semangat dari beliau. I owe you a lot, my mentor. InsyaAllah I'll try my best to make you proud of me :')

Thank you for reading this entry awesome people! ^__^

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